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Registration for Language Courses winter semester 2019/20

The Language Centre will provide information about the language programme on 14 October 2019, 8.15 to 9.00 in room H 15 (building NW 1).

You must register for ALL assessment tests andlanguage courses. Registration remains open from 9 October 2019 for assessment tests and from 17 October 2019  for language courses (see below).

In order to log in, you must have a valid user name; you will find this on your student card.The Language Centre cannot issue user names. Please turn to the Studierendenkanzlei

Please check your registration status after each transaction by logging into your account. Should you accidentally deregister from a course, this transaction will nonetheless be held valid and, for reasons of fairness, your place will be forfeited.

If you wish to register for English courses, you will be required to attend an assessment interview (Einstufung). You must register via CampusOnline for an assessment interview from 10 October 2018. 

Assessment is NOT required for admission to the following English courses: Anglistik; Lehramt Englisch; Business English I & II; English for Academic Purposes I, English at the Workplace and International Communication in English: Foundation.

 If you wish to take French courses you must first register via CampusOnline for assessment (Einstufung). Registration for assessment is required EVEN IF you have had no previous instruction in French, i.e. you are an absolute beginner!

 If you wish to register for a course in a language other than English or French and have had previous instruction in that language (e.g. at another university) you must first take an assessment test (Einstufungstest); Registration via CampusOnline (see below for times). Please note that if you register for an ab initio course – Grundkurs 1 – you may be required to provide confirmation that you are a beginner, e.g. by submitting your school-leaving certificate; if you have had previous instruction in the language you will not be permitted to remain in the beginners’ course (Grundkurs I). 

You can be exempted from Grundkurse on the basis of certificates: see ‘Befreiung von Kursen’ at http://www.sz.uni-bayreuth.de/index.php?id=50

If you wish to attend German courses you must first take the assessment test (Einstufungstest) unless you have already completed German courses at the Language Centre or have been exempted from a course by the head of the German Department, Frau Dr. Richter.


Registration in October for Language Courses

Assessment tests (Einstufungstests) for admission to courses

Assessment without certificates

Assessment for this semester is only possible at these times!

Registration for test via CampusOnline only, beginning October 9 at 8.00 hours

Assessment interview with & without certificates (English)

14-15 October 2019
S 60 (CIP-Pool, RW 1)

Assessment interviews (Einstufung) for admission to English courses 


Assessment French (please bring Certificates if available)
Regristation for Assessment-Test via
CampusOnline starts
Wednesday 9.10.2019 at 8.00 hours

14-15 October 2019
U 19 (GW 1)


Assessment test (computer test and oral) in French; also necessary if you want to register for a G1 Exemptions from basic and advanced courses Grund- und Aufbaukurse)

Assessment without certificates
Registrations for Assessment Test starts Wed. 9.10.2019 at 8.00 hours,  in the following languages

14-15 October 2019

Assessment test (written and oral) in Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Swahili, see  noticeboard GW I, lower ground floor (Exemptions from basic and advanced courses Grund- und Aufbaukurse)  

14 October 2019  Room U18 (GW I) 13.00-16.00 

15 October 2019  Room U18 (GW I)  10.00-13.00

Assessment test in German
16-18 October 2019Assessment test in all other languages

Assessment on the basis of certificates 
(No registration required)

14 October, 2019

 Italian, Spanish

14-15 October 2019, 
GW I Room 0.05 and
16 October 2019, 9-11 + 17 October 2019, 15.00-15.30
GW I Room 0.05


Assessment and curriculum advice German; auditing applications

14 October 2019,
GW I Room 0.06, 15.00-16.00

Exemptions from English-courses for M.Sc. students  

All language courses begin in the second week of the semester i.e. in the week commencing 21 October 2019