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Administration, support staff and technology

Our administrative assistants

Bild Seegers-Träg

Annegret Seegers-Träg

comes from the Rhineland and has stayed in Franconia because of love. She has been working as a secretary at the Language Centre since February 2014 - and she loves it! She takes care of all staff matters, organises the DAAD examination twice a year, keeps the homepage up to date, looks after the needs of guest students, advises students on their language training and always has a sympathetic ear for them as well as for all the staff at the Language Centre. You can also talk to her in English, French and Spanish. Her favourite German word is `Gedöns´. In culinary terms, however, her favourite word is definitely ´Pommesbude´.


Bild Schuberth

Tobias Schuberth

has been part of the Language Centre team since the summer semester 2021 and is the contact person for the lecturers when it comes to room planning, general course planning, planning UNIcert examinations, and many other administrative tasks.

He is always willing to listen to students' concerns and patiently advises them or refers students to other contact persons when necessary.

His favourite Franconian words are: `a weng´ and `Ade´.

  • Contact:  tobias1.schuberth@uni-bayreuth.de

  • Phone:  0921 / 55-3584

  • Office: Building GW I, Room 0.04

  • Office hour: Monday-Thursday, 09–11 hours. No office hour between February 1 and 9 and March 25 and 28.

  • In general, Thursdays in the home office. Reachable there via e-mail and phone.

Our IT administrator​

Bild Pürckhauer

Axel Pürckhauer

is too busy solving technical problems at the Language Centre to publish a boring text here.

Our auxiliary staff​

Bild Levi Böhme


studies computer science and has been helping the lecturers with problems of a technical nature as a student assistant since the beginning of 2021. He also stays in his wheelhouse in his free time and loves playing computer games with his friends.

Bild Galler


is studying for a master's degree in media culture and media studies at the University of Bayreuth and has been supporting the Language Centre as a student assistant by maintaining the website since December 2022. Raphaela loves languages and even watches the individual episodes of a TV series in different languages.  Italian, especially, is her favourite language,

Bild Lutz


studies media studies and is a student assistant in the Language Centre team responsible for video editing and the Language Centre's YouTube channel. His favourite language is Russian, but Eric would also like to master at least the basics of as many other languages as possible. On the other hand, he prefers listening to music in languages he doesn't yet understand.

Sofia Bild


has been supporting the Spanish department of the Language Centre since April 2023. She is studying International Business and Development and is originally from Guatemala. Sofia wants to learn as many languages as possible so that she can communicate with people from all over the world when she travels.

Head of Language Lounge 

Jelena comes from Serbia. Her academic path led her to the University of Bayreuth, where she completed a master's degree in Romance Studies and an additional degree in Intercultural German Studies. Jelena enjoys helping students master the art of self-learning foreign languages. You can find her at the Language Lounge, a place she loves because it provides space for the exchange of languages, cultures, and art. Feel free to come by!​

  • Contact: jelena.mijajlovic@uni-bayreuth.de

  • Phone:  0921/553585

  • Office: Building GW I, Basement U.19

  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 10–16 h

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