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Language Centre

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Language Lounge and Autonomous Learning

Language Lounge
Language Lounge

Language Lounge

The Language Lounge is the heart of the Language Centre and the ideal meeting place for language-loving students. The rooms can be used for autonomous learning, for language events or for a small coffee break in between.

In the Language Lounge you will find a small reference library with language learning materials and quiet study areas. You can find out more about the other services offered by the Language Lounge here.

Language tandem

The Language Lounge supports students who would like to improve their language skills in a language tandem. Tandem partners are matched online.

You can find information about language tandems here.

Language clubs

Language clubs are the perfect opportunity to practise your language skills and exchange ideas with native speakers.

You can find information about our language clubs here.

Certificate in Intercultural Mediation

Students who actively contribute to intercultural exchange(s) on campus and expand their intercultural competences can receive a certificate in intercultural mediation from us.   

You can find information about the certificate here.

Language Lounge Recovery

All our courses are taught in-person and only 15% of class sessions may be missed. In certain cases, students can make up their missed classes in the Language Lounge.

Full details about the Language Lounge Recovery Programme can be found here.


How to find us

You will find the Language Lounge in the GW I building, lower ground floor U.19

Opening hours during summer semester 2024
Monday - Friday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Webmaster: Redaktion Sprachenzentrum

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