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Language Clubs (Stammtische)

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Would you like to practise speaking foreign languages instead of, or in addition to, traditional language classes? At our language clubs, students meet for language and cultural exchange. The language clubs are independent of classes and are open to interested students of all language levels. You can find all necessary information below.

1) Which language clubs can I join?Hide

Currently, we have language clubs for German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Italian, Twi.

2) Where can I find out which language meetings are taking place?Hide

In the display case next to the Language Lounge you will find some posters for our language clubs. The QR codes will take you to the Whatsapp groups where the dates will be announced.

3) How does a language club work?Hide

Students meet in a convivial atmosphere for both language and cultural exchange. Sometimes they also cook, play games or even sing together. Intercultural encounters, new contacts and exciting conversations -- joining a language club is always worthwhile.

4) ​Which language level do I need to attend a language club?Hide

Everyone is welcome at the language clubs. Even if you have no knowledge of the language in question, you can learn a lot about the country and its people during the meetings.

5) ​Who organises the meetings?Hide

The meetings are coordinated by the Language Lounge. Native-speaker language tutors manage the group chats and organise the weekly meetings.

6) Do I have to register for the language club meetings?Hide

Prior registration is not necessary. Just come by -- we look forward to seeing you!

7) Do I get ECTS points if I attend a language club?Hide

Unfortunately, no ECTS points can be awarded for participation in a language club. However, if you organise a language club, you can count this commitment towards the Certificate in Intercultural Mediation.

8) ​How can I organise a language club myself?Hide

Would you like to organise a new language club at the Language Lounge? Simply contact the Language Lounge or drop by directly.

Do you have any questions?

  • Contact: jelena.mijajlovic@uni-bayreuth.de

  • Phone:  0921/553585

  • Office: Building GW I, Basement U.19

  • Opening hours in summer semester 2024
    Tuesday - Thursday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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