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Intensive (block) courses during the semester break

The Language Centre offers a number of intensive (block) courses during the semester break to accommodate students, staff members and guest students who wish to improve their language skills as quickly as possible. You will find further details below.

Courses offered during the semester break (August & September 2024)

1) What block courses are planned for this semester?Hide

All courses will take place in person on campus. No classes on Saturdays and Sundays. Final exams will takes place during the course on the sacond last / last day of class. Block courses count as semester courses. If you pass the block course during the break you will be eligible to sign up for the next higher course in the following semester.


  • Bambara: SAB04, Advanced Course 4, 4 SWS, 16.09 - 27.09.24, daily 8-16, Dombrowsky-Hahn
    Registration: 28.08. - 12.09. via CMLife


  • English: SE001, Business English 1 (B2+), 2 SWS, 10. - 18.09.24, daily 9-12.30, Whelan
  • English: SE007, English for Lawyers 1 (C1), 2 SWS, 18. - 26.09.24, daily 9-12.30, Romig
    (registration on waiting list only)
  • English: SE010, English for Lawyers 2 (C1), 2 SWS, 11. - 19.09.24, daily 9-12.30, Dickomeit
  • English: SE015, Landeskunde Overview USA, 2 SWS, 23. - 30.09.24, daily 9-13.00, Peck
    Registration: 28.08. - 03.09. via CMLife


  • German: SDE06, Elementary Course 1 (A1.1), 4 SWS, 09. - 26.09.24, daily 10-14, Struck
  • German: SDE07, Elementary Course 2 (A1.2), 4 SWS, 05. - 24.09.24, daily 9.30-13, Wiese
  • German: SDE09, Elementary Course 3 (A2), 4 SWS, Goll, 09. - 26.09.24, daily 9.30-13, Goll
    Registration: 28.08. - 03.09. via CMLife


  • Italian: SI401: Elementary Course 1 (A1), 4 SWS, 05. - 24.09.24, daily 10-12.30, Ritossa
    Registration: 28.08. - 03.09. via CMLife


  • Spanish: SS501: Elementary Course 1 (A1), 4 SWS, 05. - 24.09.24, daily 9-12, Kühlmann
  • Spanish: SS502: Elementary Course 2 (A2), 4 SWS, 05. - 24.09.24, daily 9-12, Mira
    Registration: 28.08. - 03.09. via CMLife


  • Swahili: SAS04, Advanced Course 4, 4 SWS, 05. - 16.08.24, daily 8-16, Tarrant
    Registration: 26.07. - 01.08. via CMLife


  • Wolof: SAW04, Advanced Course 4, 4 SWS, 29.07. - 09.08.24, daily 8-16, Diene
    Registration: 19.07. - 25.07. via CMLife

2) Can I attend a block course as a member staff or guest student?Hide

Generally, yes. You will find more information here.

3) How can I register for a higher level course? Hide

If you have received previous instruction in the language in question you will need to take a placement test. Please note, however, that placement tests only take place at the beginning of the semester and NOT immediately before the block courses.

4) How long do the block courses last?Hide
  • English: 7 sessions
  • German, Italian, French and Spanish: 14 sessions.
  • African languages: 10 sessions.
5) Will I receive the same number of ECTS points for a block course as I would for a course during the semester?Hide

Yes, the courses are equivalent in terms of workload and you will be awarded the same number of ECTS.

Course registration (mandatory)

6) Do I have to register for a block course? And if so, where and when?Hide


  • How? You can register via CMlife. Enter the course code (e.g. SE001) in the search field. Please note that signing up to the companion e-learning course does not count as a valid registration for the course.  

  • When? You can register for the block courses in winter break at the end of February/beginning of March and for those in the summer break in August. The exact dates are advertised in 1) above. You cannot take part in the course without being registered.
7) Will I definitely get a place on the course?Hide

No. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. If the course is fully booked and you only receive a place on the waiting list (WL) you will automatically move up the line if/when a student with a firm place (FP) in the course deregisters. Students on the waiting list may NOT attend the course.

8) Do I have to de-register if I cannot attend a course I have registered for?Hide

It is not possible to de-register from the course once registration closes. Please consider carefully beforehand whether you will be able to attend the course on the dates in question.

Course attendance and course completion (examination)

9) Is there an attendance requirement?Hide

Yes, attendance is compulsory. You will find further information about our attendance policy here.

You may be absent without an excuse as follows:

  • English: 1 day of the block course.
  • German, Spanish, French, Italian: 2 days of the block course.
  • African languages: 2 days of the block course.
10) Can I also attend the block course online?Hide

Unfortunately, online participation is not possible.

11) What happens if I drop out of the block course?Hide

If you do not complete the course 'X-5,0' will appear as your course result in your student record.

12) Do I have to register for the exam at the end of the block course?Hide

No, when you sign up to a block course you are automatically registered for the final exam.

13) How many ECTS or credit points do I get for a block course?Hide

You will be awarded either 2 or 4 ECTS - depending on the course type (2 SWS/4 SWS). The number of ECTS you earn may vary slightly from the credit points (LP) awarded for the course in your degree programme. If necessary, the exams office will be able to provide you with further information on this.

14) Do I get an official certificate at the end of a block course?Hide

Yes, on request at the Secretary's Office (Sekretariat), GW I 0.04, Monday-Thursday 9:00-11:00

15) Can I participate in the follow-up course in the next semester?Hide

Yes, if you pass the block course you will be able to continue with the next course in the programme in the following semester. 

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Any other questions?

If, after carefully reading the above information, you still have questions, we would be happy to receive your query. Don't forget to include your matriculation number and degree programme.

Contact: sprachenzentrum@uni-bayreuth.de

Webmaster: Robert Wolf

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