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Hallå, hur mår du?

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Courses offered

1) Which language courses can I attend and when?Hide

Normally, the courses are offered as follows. You can find the courses on Cmlife by entering the course number in the search box:

  • WiSe: A1 (Grundkurs 1 - 4 SWS): SSW01 and B1 (Grundkurs 3 - 4 SWS): SSW03
  • SoSe: A2 (Grundkurs 2 - 4 SWS): SSW02 and B2 (Grundkurs 4 - 4 SWS): SSW04

Please note that the courses can only take place if the minimum number of participants is reached

2) What influence does my previous knowledge have on the choice of my courses?Hide

If you have had previous instruction in a language or knowledge of a language that is very similar, you may be able to start a course at a higher level. A placement test is mandatory in this case. You will find further information about this under "Placement".

3) Can I participate in the courses as a member of staff or guest student?Hide

Generally, yes. You will find more information here.

Placement Test 'Einstufung' (Please read carefully!)

​4) Do I need a placement test?Hide
  • If you have previous knowledge of a language, you must take a placement test.
  • If you have already taken a course at UBT or a placement test at UBT, you do not need a placement test.
5) When does the placement test take place and how can I register for it?Hide

Placement tests always take place in the first week of the semester. Please check your CMlife registration details for the exact dates and venues.

6) Where and when do I register for the placement tests?Hide
  • Where: Registration for placement tests is mandatory and takes place via CMlife. Search there for "Schwedisch Einstufung" or use the code SSWE0as a search term.
  • When: You can register for the placement tests from 05.04. to 15.04.24.
7) Where can I have previously acquired language certificates recognised?Hide

Currently, no certificates for Swedish are generally recognised. However, if you have a certificate, you can submit it for consideration to the Secretary's Office ('Sekretariat', see e-mail address below).

Course registration (compulsory)

8) Do I have to register for a language course? And if so, where?Hide

Yes, registration for courses is mandatory.

  • Where: Registration takes place via CMlife. Enter the title or the course code in the search field. Signing up to the companion e-learning site does not count as valid registration for the course.
  • When: You can register for the Swedish courses from April 18 at 14.00 until April 28 at midnight. If you are not registered, you cannot participate in the course.
9) I don't have an enrolment number yet, can I still register for a language course or a placement test?Hide

If you do not yet have a matriculation number, this means that your enrolment is probably not yet complete. Please contact the Student Administration Office (Studierendenkanzlei) about this. Only then can you register for our language courses.

10) Will I definitely get a place on the course?Hide

No. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. If the course is fully booked and you only receive a place on the waiting list (WL), you will move up the line if/when a student with a firm place (FP) deregisters. Students who are only on the waiting list may NOT attend the course.

11) I can't find my desired course on CMlife, what's wrong?Hide

If you cannot find a course on CMlife, it usually means that this course is not required for your degree program.

If you can see a course on CMlife but cannot register, it may mean that do not have the required language level (taken the placement test) or attended the previous course in the program.

12) Do I have to deregister if I cannot attend a course I have registered for?Hide

Deregistration is only possible during the registration period (i.e. until the end of the second week of the semester). Students can only move up from the waiting list during this period. Once registration closes, it is not possible to deregister from a course. If you drop out of a course, "X-5,0" will be entered as your result in CMlife.

13) Can I attend a language course without taking the final exam?Hide

Technically, you can take a course without taking the exam. However, by doing so, you may be depriving another student of a place in the course and thus the opportunity to earn credits for the successful completion of their degree. If you do not take exam, you will not be able to take the follow-up course. In addition, you will receive no credit and ''X-5,0'' will be entered as your result in CMlife.

Course attendance and course completion (examination)

14) Is there an attendance requirement?Hide

Yes, attendance is compulsory in all language courses. You will find further information here.

15) Can I also attend the language course online?Hide

No. Unfortunately, online participation is not possible.

16) What happens if I drop out of the course?Hide

If you do not complete a course, ''X-5,0" will be entered as your course result in CMlife. You will not receive credits or a language certificate for courses you do not complete.

17) Do I have to register for the language course exam?Hide

No. When you register for the course you are automatically registered for the exam final exam.

18) How many ECTS or credit points do I get for a language course?Hide

You will receive 2 ECTS for courses with one session per week and 4 ECTS for courses with two sessions per week. This may vary slightly from the number of credit points (LP) awarded for the course in your degree program. The  examinations office (Prüfungsamt) will be able to help you with any questions about this. The Language Centre cannot provide this information.​

19) Can I get an official certificate at the end of a language course?Hide

Yes, on request at the Secretary's Office (Sekretariat): GW I, 0.04; Monday - Friday 9:00-11:00

20) What certificates can I obtain in this language in addition to confirmation that I have successfully completed the course? Hide

In addition to the final course exam, you can also take the UBT language certificate exam ('Zertifikatsprüfung'). You will find more information about this here.

The language is taught by:

Bild Melby

Sara Mellby

You can find information about the lecturer here.

Do you still have questions? If so, please send an e-mail stating your matriculation number and degree programme to: sprachenzentrum@uni-bayreuth.de

Webmaster: Robert Wolf

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